Corrugated Steel

Nestable Flange

Nestable Flange is one component that is used to combine two elements pipe with other pipe with equipment into single unit that is intact by using a bolt as an adhesive. Nestable Flange is simple type and use for drainaise, water tunnel, small span bridge, cover conveyor, etc.

Nestable Flange divided in:

  1. Diameter 45 CM, 50 CM, 60 CM, 80 CM, 90 CM, 1 M, 1.2 M, 1.4 M, 1.5 M, 1.6 M and 1.8 M.
  2. Plate thickness 2.0 MM, 2.5 MM, 3.0 MM and 3.5 MM.
  3. Efficient length 1.0 M/set.

The example of PT. Rajawali Sakti Utama’s Nestable Flange spread in plantation in Sumatera, Java, and Kalimantan.

Multi Plate Pipe

Multi Plate Pipe is a corrugated steel pipe mad from sheets of steel plate that has been galvanize and assembled with High Tensile Bolt. Multi Plate Pipe have become an alternative to replacing wooden bridge and concrete culvert boxes, its cause steel culverts have several advantages over the use of wood or concrete. This type consist of Multi Plate Pipe, Multi Pipe Plate Arches, Multi Plate Arches, Multi Plate Underpass and Multi Plate Super Span.

The example of PT. Rajawali Sakti Utama’s Multi Plate Pipe spread in plantation in Sumatera, Java, and Kalimantan.


Guardrail is a safety system for people or vehicles made of long material as a fence on dangerous road such as highways, mountains, rivers, ravines, etc. Its function is as a protector so that vehicles passing through it are protected from falling into rivers or ravines.

Guardrail is made of steel which is formed by cold-rill machine so as to produce a quality steel beam called W-beam. The nature of Guardrail is anti-rust so it will not be affected at all with extreme weather outside the room because it has been coated with a rust coating (galvanized layer) and until now the foam is said to be safest to use as a Guardrail.

The example of PT. Rajawali Sakti Utama’s Guardrail: High way road project Trans Sumatera Pematang Panggang – Kayu Agung – Palembang – Betung.

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